How do I join learnX?

To begin, please register for an account. You will need to:

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your full name (Your full name will appear on any certificates that you earn.)
  • Create a public username for the forums (cannot have spaces)
    Note: You cannot change your username once it has been created.
  • Create a password
  • Select your country
  • Select Create your account

When you find a course that interests you in the course catalogue, you can enroll in the course by selecting the Enroll button on the course About page.

REMEMBER: There are courses that only University of Hyderabad students can register for. Enrolment for such courses will be by invitation only. Course instructors will enrol the students.

Activating an account

After registering, you will receive an activation email at the email address you entered during registration. Select the link in the email to activate your account. Please check all inboxes for the email from learnX. It should look something like this:

Why haven’t I received my activation email?

There can be several reasons why you did not receive an activation email.

  • There was a typo or error in the email address when you registered on So, it's being sent somewhere else.
  • For some reason, you might not have successfully registered an account on
  • The automated activation email message was caught by your spam filter.
  • Your email provider might have blocked the automated email message.

Here's what you can do:

  • Check your spam or junk mail folder for an email from learnX.
  • Add to your email contacts or approved senders list.
  • Try  again with the same email address. If the account already exists, an error will display indicating that there is a duplicate email address.
  • From the click Forgot my password. Clicking the link in the password reset message will activate your account. (You don't have to reset your password.)


What if I am having login problems or forgot my password?

If you are unable to login or see an "email or password incorrect" message, make sure that the email address you entered is the one that you registered for your learnX account.

If you continue to see this message, you can select Need help signing in? below the password field, then select Forgot my password and enter the email address you used to sign up with learnX to receive a password reset email. You'll receive a password reset email from learnX.

Common Login Problems

If you entered your email address  under Password assistance on the Need Help Logging in? form but have not received an email message with a link to reset your password, check for these common problems:

  • Did you enter the same email address that you used to register your learnX account? Reset messages are sent only to registered email addresses.
  • Is your email address entered correctly? Check for errors and try again.
  • Did you check your spam message folders? Check your spam folder for a message from .
  • If the message is not there, try adding to your contacts or your approved senders list, or contact your and then reset your password again
  • Did you delete your account? It will not be possible to regain access to a deleted account.
  • Did you complete the registration process for learnX? If the account does exist, a message will indicate that you entered a duplicate email address.

Other Error Messages

If you see a different error when trying to sign in, check for these common problems:

  • Make sure that you are using a current version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Make sure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.
  • Try clearing your browser’s cache.

If you continue to have difficulty you may reach learnX support by sending an email to


How can I pay?

All payments have to be made online through the payment gateway. learnX accepts foreign currency payments too.

Why is my payment failing?

Payment failures are because they were not approved by your bank. If you see a payment failed message please contact your card provider for more information.

If you see the payment pending on your credit or debit card account, then it may have been rejected by the payment processor due to the anti-fraud billing address or card verification checks. This indicates that either the billing address that you entered on the form did not match the billing address you have set with your card company or that the short card verification number (CVV or CVN) that you entered on the form from the back of your card does not match what the credit card company has for your active card. In these cases, the payments are just in a pending state and have not been received by learnX. Since the processor has not completed the transaction the funds will automatically return to your account within a few days. You are welcome to verify your information try to pay again. 

Can I get a refund?

To receive a refund you need to unenroll from a course within the eligibility period, i,e within five days after your purchase OR within two days after our course begins.

If you seek a refund within five days, we retain 5% of the course fee and refund the rest to you.

If you seek a refund within two days after our course begins, we retain 10% of the course fee and refund the rest to you.

Refunds cannot be made if you pass the deadline.


How do I get to know my grade/s and/or number of credit hours?

Your course grade appears with other course information in your login dashboard once the course has ended and a complete record of your scores on all the assignments appears on the Progress page. You can use your browser to print these pages.

Where can I find my program certificate?

When your certificate is ready, a link appears on the Program Details Page. To access the Program Details page, go to your dashboard, click the Programmes tab at the top, then click the particular program. A link to view the certificate appears in the upper right.

What will my certificate look like?

Your certificate will look something like this:

Can I change my name on the certificate?

The full name in your learnX account is the name that is used for certificates. At any time, you can change your full name in your account settings. After you change your name in your account, any certificates you have earned will automatically update to reflect the change.

The Certificate includes the following information:

  • The full name you entered for your learnX account.
  • The name of the course.
  • The Certification type
  • The names of one or more course instructors.
  • The month and year that the certificate was issued.
  • Certificate Verification link

Can I get a paper copy of my certificate?

learnX only provides a PDF of your certificate. You can download it from your browser.

Saving your certificate to PDF in Chrome

  • Choose File > Print.
  • Choose Adobe PDF as the printer in the Print dialog box. To customize the Adobe PDF printer setting, click the Properties (or Preferences) button.
  • Click Print. Type a name for your file, and click Save.