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Terms of Service

What is the role of “learnX”?

learnX offers online courses that provide opportunities for faculty-to-learner and learner-to-learner interactivity with individual assessment of learner's work followed by a certificate of achievement or other acknowledgment to participants, demonstrating their mastery in the course. It envisages a collaborative environment of digital teaching/learning content.

Guidelines for using the “Site”

“Users” will have to ensure compliance with and are not allowed to modify any legal notices, intellectual property usage terms and conditions, or any agreements, Terms of Service and Privacy policies displayed on this “Site”. By accessing our “Site”, “Users” declare that the content of the “Site” will be accessed and used for fair or non-infringing purposes. “Users” also declare that they will not violate any policy, rules, regulations, which will attract any legal liability and action. “Users” are required to not interfere with the work of other “Users” or learnX personnel, servers, or resources.

Accessing the courses

“Users” are advised to check the accuracy, completeness and suitability of the content for their purposes. It is the sole responsibility of the “User” to take all due precautions while accessing such information. learnX may change, add, or remove some content at its discretion and hence does not guarantee the uninterrupted, error free availability of the content.

Cyber security

learnX will follow all standard security protocols, and take all reasonable precautions to protect the “Site” from any cyber-attacks. We do not, however, hold out any guarantee (either express or implied), that such attacks will never happen. All “Users” are requested to ensure that their devices are safe from any cyber-attack of any kind and from any source. We suggest our “Users” to take due precautions while downloading or accessing the content. We are not responsible or liable for any damage due to such unexpected events.

Guidelines for usage of the Trademark

Use of “learnX” and its logos, seal, and any variations thereof, is not allowed without prior consent.

Account deactivation

learnX, at its sole discretion at any time through a written notice (including email or notice on the “Site”), may immediately deactivate any password it has issued, and bar a “User” from access to the “Site” for not adhering to the Honor Code or Terms of Service.


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